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Creating Your Gamer Dating Profile

The key to success when online dating is perfecting your profile. It must be eye-catching and engaging while accurately representing your personality. Online dating game is fast-paced and you will generally only get one shot to impress a significant other. A successful profile will let other members know your character without sounding desperate or overly clique. We are taking you step-by-step through setting up your Date Player Two profile. Offering tips, tricks, and advice for perfecting your online dating site profile. A Date Player Two online dating profile has five elements that we are going to look at. We will pay the most attention to the profile picture, headline, and description. They are the first thing the user base will see on matches, searches, and when they click on your profile. Gamer girls and guys interpret profiles on dating platforms differently. A woman will tend to look at the information to see if they are compatible and men focus more on the pictures to see if they have an attraction. Regardless, your profile needs to tell the story of who you are.

The Profile Picture

The key to a good profile picture is one where you look friendly and approachable. We would always advise going for the classic headshot with nobody else in the photo. Some people are immediately put off by not knowing which person they are talking to. There are some rules to follow when selecting your perfect profile picture:

  • Choose the most flattering picture
  • Always smile
  • Don't use a filter
  • Avoid hats or sunglasses
  • No mirror selfies
  • Avoid staged, professional photos.

While following these 5 rules, remember to be yourself. Members are judging you on your profile photo so, make sure they are getting the best impression of who you are. You're joining a gamer dating site and it's okay to be quirky!

good and bad profile pictures

The Headline

This is your opportunity to make a good impression. After your profile picture, your tagline (or headline as we call it) is what members will look at. The three main things to avoid when writing your headline are:

  • Cliques
  • Negativity and self-deprecation
  • Sweeping statements
  • Bad spelling, grammar and capitalisation

That being said, there are great gamer dating profile headlines out there that are witty, clever, and heartfelt. Remember, a headline should be a one-liner that represents who you are. You could try:

  • Something individual about you
  • Obscure movie or character quotes
  • Conversation starters

Whatever you write, remember you cannot appeal to everyone, and do not try to. If you are a little weird and quirky, show it off. For example, if you are hardcore into Star Wars, pick a quote that only true fans will get.

The Description

Similarly to the headline, your description (or bio) should reflect your character. This is the opportunity to tell our members a little more about you. You cannot possibly tell your whole life story in a few short sentences. Start with the two key takeaways. Write about what is important to you and things you think people should know. Try writing about what makes you different or what makes you, you. Avoid writing about what you are looking for in a partner. This can sometimes make you come across as closed-minded or unapproachable. Instead, focus on you and why someone would be lucky to have you. Remember, you do not have many characters to play with so, be specific. Again, it's okay to be witty, quirky, or humble. You want to attract the people who will love you for these qualities.

The Personal Details & Interests

On Date Player Two, we have our personal information section. This includes facts such as how much you drink, if you smoke or if you have any kids. These facts could be irrelevant for some people but can be super important to others. For example, you have been chatting to a single gamer who ticks all the boxes. But, they tell you they are a heavy smoker. This could be a deal-breaker for some people. It is better to give our members the full picture and as much detail as possible. Your interests are an important part of your Date Player Two profile. Whatever you list on your interests will help us match you with the other gamers on the platform. Also, by listing your interests when a potential date views your profile, they can immediately tell if they have anything in common with you. Both these steps are quick and easy to complete but tell members more about you and what you are into.

girl at computer

The Additional Photos

On our gamer dating site, we have a section on your profile to create your personal gallery. We think this section of an online dating profile is highly underrated. We have already established that you want to keep your profile short and specific. Your gallery is the place for you to show off who you really are, back up statements made in your description, and aid you in finding singles who are the perfect match. For example, if your headline reads "super into cosplay", you will want to upload a picture in your favourite outfit. We have listed what we think are the key pictures to upload to your gallery.

  • A full body shot - we want to see the whole body.
  • A lifestyle shot - this includes pictures taking doing your favourite activities or everyday images.
  • The group shot - remember to choose one that you are the main focus of.
  • The bonus shot - make this a conversation starter.

We would advise keeping your gallery to 4 or 5 pictures. Select wisely, as these should tell a story about who you are and what your life is like. Other images you could include are another selfie, share your interests, or pictures with your animals. These always pull in the likes. There you have it. Our tips, tricks, and advice on creating your perfect dating profile. We mentioned it above (a few times) but, the most important thing on dating apps is to be yourself. You will get better quality matches. Start your free trial on dateplayer 2 today

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