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If you want someone to bring the weird funny and potentially your P2, then you're in the right place :) I can almost promise I'll end up cringing at this later today.

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I'm not overly good at writing these kind of things I'll admit.

Hiii, my name is Josh, I'm 19 and an avid Minecraft player, I mainly play on PC but have it on Xbox and Switch too. I also happen to love anime to the point where some may consider I watch too much .

I'm down to play most games if I can get them but my library mainly consists of Minecraft, Overwatch, Diablo 3, DbD, The binding of Issac (Repentance) and admittedly a bunch more that I can't quite remember right now.

I like to think of myself as the funny but weird guy, basically my sense of humour can go from mature to erm, less mature very quickly depending on how I'm feeling .

Feel free to ask me questions because I work a lot better when I'm answering something than when I try to do something like this.

I'm looking for friends and a potential P2 in my life that I would happily stand by as long as I have HP...

Little bit too much on the HP thing..? Ahhh oh well

Seeking Female

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jwolfgam717 Personal Details
Gender Male
Age 19
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity I will tell you later
Height I will tell you later
Build I will tell you later
Hair I will tell you later
Drink I will tell you later
Smoke I will tell you later
Location UK, England: Greater London, London
Interest I will tell you later
Education I will tell you later
Religion I will tell you later
Children I will tell you later
Marital Status I will tell you later

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